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A new and exciting idee published at Interreg NSR

a Wise Innovation Project

Local conversion of renewable energy into Green Hydrogen

Many companies have made a contribution to the current energy transition by putting solar systems on the roof of their business and/or windmills in their land. However, the energy net cannot yet process all this extra green energy.

Therefore, the companies are left with a surplus in energy whilst not getting a solid return on their investments. The project can tackle both challenges by converting the green energy surplus into hydrogen, which is a clean, versatile and flexible energy source. This hydrogen can then be used for many purposes, such as fuel hydrogen transport methods. Hydrogen can support the energy transition as it makes large-scale integration of other renewable energy sources possible through its ability to convert and store energy. The hydrogen production can be higher or lower based on the market situation which will contribute to absorbing peaks and drops on the network.

For more information please contact Bert van der Wal,

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