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A new and exciting idee published at Interreg NSR

a Osware Consulting and NAIS Project

Smart Aviation

Increase airport efficiency by optimizing current processes, improve passenger travel experience, optimize travel routes of aircrafts and thus reduce overall energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Smart Aviation, a cloud platform, intends to optimize airport operations, aircraft routes, fuel consumptions and by implementing all that, reduce the environmental load as much as possible.

The cloud platform will be fully integrated into all airport processes including ground handling and airport operations. With this type of integration a huge amount of information is available which can be used to optimize airport processes including passenger flow through the airport, security monitoring of passengers and baggage, optimization of aircraft routes by analyzing passenger routes. Most of the current airport systems are not interconnected and any integration between several system integrators is expensive and as such not done very often. With an airport cloud platform which is fully integrated in all airport and ground handler operations, all of those problems are solved and all information is accessible the moment they occur.

For more information please contact Oscar Jansen or Goran Leutar, ,

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