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A new and exciting idee published at Interreg NSR

Aktualisiert: 5. Nov. 2022

a Wise Innovation Project

Circular Hydrogen

developing Circular Hydrogen as a fully recyclable and sustainable way of energy generation with hydrogen as a clean, versatile and flexible energy source

Circular Hydrogen is a completely recyclable and sustainable source of energy. It consists of natural and biodegradable elements, which makes it a safe and environmentally friendly product to produce, transport and use. The storage is not bound to a specific location and the hydrogen can be released on demand directly before consumption. During the production, no emissions are released into the atmosphere. Hydrogen can support the energy transition as it makes large-scale integration of other renewable energy sources possible through its ability to convert and store energy. The system start will be abstracted out of sea salt. In combination with energy from renewable sources, the hydrogen will be captured and bound to a solid form and can be released upon reacting with ultrapure water. The hydrogen can then be converted and used as electrical power. While releasing the hydrogen from the solid form ‘spent-fuel’ is left behind. This remainder will be re-used in the Capture & Binding process. As a result, a circular production process is realized.

For more information please contact Jutta Wolf

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